Sparkling Mineral Water

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Our Sparkling Mineral Water is bottled at the source in the Victorian Highlands. Every drop of water filters through mineral-rich rock formations and is naturally carbonated, adding a light effervescence and delicacy to the water.


Sparkling Mineral Water. Made in Australia from 100% Australian ingredients.


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Where is CAPI Mineral Water sourced?
From one pure source in Kyneton, Victoria. We bottle on this source to reduce miles too.

What does 'Naturally Sparkling' mean?
Our Sparkling Mineral Water comes out of the ground naturally carbonated. Due to the way the water travels through rock formations and its naturally occurring mineral makeup, it reaches the surface of the ground already bubbly. There are seasonal fluctuations in the carbonation levels so we regulate this over the year to delivery a consistent product year round.

What makes this a mineral water?
To be considered a mineral water, there must be a presence of a certain number of minerals. These include calcium, magnesium, and potassium which are all essential for our health. This is often referred to as TDS (total dissolved solids) of which CAPI's Sparkling Mineral Water is 380*.


Voted #1 Australian Mineral Water by Age Epicure

Serving Suggestion

Enjoy on it's own (or alongside a nice meal and glass of wine).

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kt Oliver
Refreshing drop

We love this Australian sparkling water at home. For when we are entertaining or just when we are trying to cut down on our alcohol consumption. Always so refreshing. Thanks Capi.

Sam G
Caps off to CAPI!

The epitome of sophistication at home. Well, at least that's what I like to tell my guests!
When gathering around the table with friends and family, we often go to crazy lengths to cherry pick the perfect menu, complemented by the perfect local wine. I like to do the same with water, but thankfully it's an easy choice with CAPI's Sparkling Mineral Water.
It's an affordable yet impactful touch of Victorian-sourced elegance which now forms a staple part of every gathering, both at home and at so many exceptional restaurants around the country.

Jules E.
Perfect on the dinner table

Nothing beats great sparkling mineral water at the dinner table. I had the pleasure of enjoying CAPI Sparkling Mineral Water at Embla and will definitely be stocking it for home too.

Sarah Daye
Makes life so much easier!

Best sparkling water and so easy! I get this on a subscription and it's just so handy to have good quality sparkling water delivered every other week without having to leave home. Being an Australian brand is an extra tick, thanks CAPI!!

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