Meet Our 5L Cocktail Mixers!

Introducing our new 5L format Cocktail Mixers. Contemporary twists on classic cocktails, with flavours specially curated and made only by CAPI. Our cocktail mixers are here to make service time that much easier; whether you're batching, stirring, shaking or freezing.

Each 5L pack saves on space, waste and time. No need for all those extra bottles, short life ingredients or hours spent on prep. Easy to batch CAPI cocktail mixers help tackle staff shortages and costly perishables without compromise.

1. Add some ice to a shaker.
2. Pour in 30mL of your spirit of choice.
3. Add 60mL of your preferred Cocktail Mixer.
4. Shake, shake shake!
5. Pour into a coup glass & serve.

Note: If speed of service is the name of the game, you can simply build this cocktail in a jug with ice and stir instead of shaking.

1. Add 5L Cocktail Mixer to a 15L slushie machine.
2. Add 5x 700mL of your preferred spirit.
3. Turn on and let mix for 1 hour or longer.
4. Pour into a glass.
5. Garnish and serve!

1. Add 15L Cocktail Mixer to 30L keg.
2. Add 15.5x 700mL of your preferred spirit and 2.5L water.
3. Pour into a glass over ice.
5. Garnish and serve!

Spicy Watermelon Margarita

Naturally sweet, juicy watermelon. Bright, fresh lime. Our Spicy Watermelon Margarita mixer is a summer flirt who’ll win you over every time. Balanced with a dash of salt for that tingle down your spine and a hint of heat that lingers from the bite of capsicum, it’s the perfect recipe for a hot summer state of mind. Just add ice, tequila and shake to enjoy an exceptional cocktail that will keep your tastebuds interested all year long.

Charred Pineapple Daiquiri

There’s something about our Charred Pineapple Daiquiri mixer. It’s different. It’s not like other daiquiris. Is it the caramelised, charred pineapple? Maybe the pop of fresh, Australian lime juice? Or, maybe it’s the fact that it’s been carefully crafted by experts, tested and approved by seasoned bartenders. So all you have to do is add rum (or whiskey for a twist), shake and let palm trees and warm summer days be top of mind.

Tommy's Margarita

What’s better than a classic Margarita? We reckon a Tommy’s, blending the flavours of Australian lime juice, with a hint of orange and rounded out by the natural sweetness of agave, we’ve put all the work in to make the perfect Tommy’s Margarita Mixer so that you don’t have to. Just add your favourite tequila (or mezcal for a twist), shake, serve, and enjoy summer all year round.

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