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Long story short, CAPI exists because we were sick of mass-produced drinks and thought that Australians deserved their own high quality range. CAPI is Melbourne born, bred, and 100% Australian-owned. Everything we do celebrates what we love about life here, from lazy beach days, to being cool about having to wait an hour for brunch.  

We source and blend the best natural ingredients and we don’t use any preservatives. CAPI sparkling fruit sodas and mixers are the perfect refreshment on their own, or can be used to elevate any quality spirit. Our award-winning water comes from just 50 minutes outside of Melbourne. Why choose imported brands when you’ve got the best right here?


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The sparklelife is all about owning your mild obsession with anything cold-pressed, artisanal, deconstructed, and Instagramable. It’s knowing you’re living the good life, and not apologising for it. 

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