Bubbles for days

CAPI’s Soda Water is a straightforward purified carbonated water, no frills, no gimmicks, just the best Soda Water you’re ever likely to find. That’s really all there is to it!


Purified Carbonated Water, Bicarbonate.

Nutritional information

Available sizes

250ml, 750ml


How is Soda different to Sparkling Mineral Water?

Sparkling Mineral Water is drawn from the ground and contains a range of Minerals that contain health properties. As it is drawn from the ground, the presence of calcium ions and magnesium ions in the water makes it a ‘hard water’. Mineral Water is generally best for drinking by itself for hydration or complement a meal.

Soda water is generally used to mix with a spirit. This is because it is a ‘soft water’ as it doesn’t contain minerals, and needs to be in a neutral pH state (pH7) so that it can be mixed with spirits and botanical ingredients. It also has a higher carbonation level than our Sparkling Mineral Water.


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