A Funtime Club Called Bobby’s

Even though it’s only been around for a couple of years, Supernormal has become a Melbourne institution. Part of the cultural fabric of the city. We headed over to check it out, go behind the scenes, and find out what it’s really all about.

Alright, so, Supernormal…
Cool joint

How long has it been here, do you remember?
About two and a half years, I think?

Is it really? You’ve been here most of the time, with some other stints in between.
Yeah, been here since day one, so it’s been a long road

So obviously you’re like, a good joint to come if you’re a corporate dude that works in the city, but also at night times… lots of bands, dudes, dates, Tinders…
Yeah yeah.

Where’s all the Tinder action at?
Ah, I wouldn’t say this is the biggest Tinder place, mostly they’d be stuck at the bar I think.

Stuck at the bar.
Yeah, which isn’t the worst thing, you know; if conversation’s dragging, sometimes the bartender will help them out.

Are you adept at the interject?
Oh, I wouldn’t say I’m fantastic at it because I don’t know exactly how a Tinder date works or…

How dating works?

Alright, I notice you’re wearing New Balance dad shoes
Yep, it’s got to be done. It’s more a case of comfort, I think, as you get into your thirties.

Is that a secret?
Yeah, there’s a few staff with them . I think I read something recently that right wing Nazis have claimed New Balance as their shoe, which is a bit unfortunate. [laughs]

I reckon they’re rad – they’ve just got that school teacher vibe. So I’m always intrigued by the McConnell group and the Toricks for having like, a very rigorous interview process. Did you have to go through it?
I did, I did; it was a forty degree day, I remember polishing off a, er, dusting off a shirt which I hadn’t worn for a fair while. It took, I think, an hour and forty-five?
And there’s meant to be a second follow-up interview but I didn’t have to go through that so hopefully, hopefully in that first hour and forty-five I did okay. I think they were more about sussing out your long term goals? 

Mate, so what are your plans? What are you going to do? You going to find a venue?
Yeah, well I’d love to!

So the staff meal here, how is she?
Oh it’s actually hands-down the best I’ve ever had. I’ve got to say, I’ve copped a lot of like bad ones over the years… But here it’s actually that good

Is there anything you’d change about this place? Without trying to get you fired [laughs]
There’s really not much. I don’t know, I’d love for there to be a proper bar bar here. Maybe it’s also that I’ve got my own goals, you know?

You want to open a fun time club.
Yeah, yeah. Not to say that this place isn’t a fun time spot.

You’re going to call it Bobby’s? [laughs]
Ah, no, I haven’t honestly really thought about a name yet.


180 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000
9650 8688 @supernormal_180

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