Spritz in the morning?

Wednesday, March 08 2017 means you and my mild high are hanging tough in Carlton and the greatest question of it all again hangs wildly in the fresh morning Melbourne air. Dave Kerr catches up with Matt of Heart Attack and Vine for the scoop…

Heart Attack & Vine, nice name it’s got flare and if there’s ONE thing we love it’s flare. Hey Matt, How long have you worked here… Matt?

Seven Months bra, and one too many mornings.

What the carnation is Heart Attack & Vine?

A Venetian style Cicchetti bar. Eat food, drink wine, have a good vibe. 

Yeah dude. And what am I looking at right here? What are these things?

Tapas Larry. Venetian style. Power to the people.

So what’s your drinks focus here?

Flare. I guess. We just have small lists (tits). We do small things but we do them well. 

I heard a rumour that you’re seeing Molly from Video Bar? That’s a sweet scene. I also heard Monday is the busiest night of the week. 

Yeah true, she’s a glass and a half!!! Across the street is Nova Cinema. Mondays they do half priced tickets and we reap the psych thriller rom-drama chickens in with whiskeys. Have you seen “Manchester By The Sea”? You need a whisky? 

Night time cinema crew, popping. You also crank it day trade? Coffee great coffee great buy our coffee sponsored by Wide Open Road Roasters. Man-guns. Hey, talk me through the Porchetta Sandwich?

The famous Porchetta!!! Pork belly, pork loin, rub some magic into it, secret herbs slow roasted for fourteen days and chuck it in a roll…salsa verde, sambal, mustard…mucho gracias senior. Wish I didn’t just say that.

How many do you sell per day?

Loads. 70 maybe? At least 3 hocks a day #3hocksaday 

Cocktail-wise. Fresh?

Fresh. It’s ALL about to happen, next week

Look out for the big things from the heartbreaker, Heart Attack and Vine references of the Tom Waits song, I can say after being in here over 100 times you have never played a fucking Tom Waits song, what is with that?

We did at the start, but you can’t play Tom Wait’s for a year and a half straight without people getting upset.

Are there any playlist songs that need to be deleted?

The Beatles entire discography, RINSED… Jack Jonson we don’t make banana pancake. Ben Harper another one, for some reason the 90’s cafe scene killed it for everyone.

They killed The Avalanches too…

Leon Bridges, man if anyone plays that they’re dead. He pretty much invented Tinder Elite. Am I allowed to say that on here?

How long have you been working in hospitality for?

Who am I?

Most cringeworthy moment?

Last Friday, I was shaking this southside for cassonova at the bar and drop it. All over that mummy’s work shorts shouting ‘BILLIARD BOSS BILLIARD BOSS’.

What’s your knock-off?

The old gin & tonics.

Great, gin specified? 

Normally London Dry, that sips well and is on the back bar.

You have worked in pretty amazing places, as a bartender give us a quick CV

I was at Der Raum in Richmond, behind the inimitable Mathew Bax I was there for about 6 months, then at Bar Americano, another Matt Bax bar…

Then you started dating his sister?

Yep, trying to steal the crown from the Bax family…still hasn’t happened. Then I was lucky enough to be at Smith & Daughters, I helped out when they first opened. 

The famous vegan restaurant

Two women that are taking over the world one vegan at a time…then I was lucky enough to work for yours truly

Oh, The Beaufort and The Tender Bar Agency, what a time of our lives…

It was a time, and now I am here. That is in Melbourne, Adelaide is a whole other story.

If you had to compare Adelaide and Melbournes hospitality scene, what are you more excited about?

Im excited to see Adelaide finally get its shit together.

Any standouts in Adelaide?

The Clever Little Tailor boys are doing some great things, Pink Moon Saloon has the probably the best fit out I’ve seen around.

Wholeheartedly agree.

Some good friend’s of mine just opened Sunny’s, which is a pizza and cocktail joint, AWESOME. The Maybe Mae crew is ripping, yeah there are so many now, though it’s still Adelaide and has some steps to go, I don’t think they have a Sunday night trade yet…

Ok, let’s bring it back to Batman City, how do you keep the team vibes going when its busy and people are tired? Is there anything special about this team?

Free coffee whenever you want! Day off, come in free coffee. Its a tricky one because it is a cross between cafe/restaurant/bar, we do all three coffee, food, wine drink. Not everyone works together.

And on that note, not a lot of venues nail that. Is this one of the few that examples ‘the unicorn’?

I think we do, definitely on the placement of the venue like Carlton needed something small like this on the main Lygon stretch. This is still an Italian specific restaurant because it’s kind of slowed down a lot… Other than the Beaufort, Town Mouse and Carlton Wine Rooms (doing some good things), I think it [Carlton] needed something that was approachable, that had good coffee, good service, good food. You wanna go to a place where everyone knows your name..right?

Totally, Cheers


What should I tell the people?




7:30 in the morning.

If you like.

That’s rare AND rad.

Its just a good friendly place, a Carlton community bar. no one gets shunned, you got the hipster sitting next to a 90-year-old lady eating danish listening to Mos Def…

Just no Tom Wait’s, nailed it.

Thanks Cuz.


Heart Attack and Vine

329 Lygon St, Carlton, VIC 3053

(03) 9005 8624








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