Meet CAPI Native Tonic

An ode to Australia’s finest botanical ingredients, CAPI’s Native Tonic is the third release in our award-winning tonic range. Infused with a blend of lemon aspen, Tasmanian mountain pepper and Mount Zero salt, this tonic perfectly ‘seasons’ your gin with its salt and pepper elements. A low sugar profile creates a dry finish, allowing the gin to truly shine through.

Let’s get to know the natives in our native tonic.




Lemon Aspen Acronychia acidula

Lemon Aspen grows in the tropical areas of Northern Queensland. Cracking it open exudes a strong citrus aroma, and offers a deliciously tart lemon taste which provides our Native Tonic with a unique palate that brings forward citrus notes in gins.




Tasmanian Mountain Pepper Tasmannia lanceolata

Tasmanian Mountain Pepper grows specifically in the cold high country and has a long history of being used medicinally and in cooking by indigenous Australians. Its distinct heat compliments the tonic, offering a more intensely herbal taste than traditional pepper would.




Mount Zero Salt

This salt, harvested from a striking pink lake by the Mt Zero team and local indigenous community is pure and unadulterated. It makes the perfect accomplice to the other natural botanicals found in our Native Tonic. The gentle salinity compliments the overall sugar profile of the drink, resulting in a bitter, salty, sweet dance in the mouth with very subtle minerality.

Available now in store at Dan Murphy’s!

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