How To Pair Your Tonic

Each of our award-winning tonic’s have slightly different taste profiles and elements, which means they pair best with different gins and garnishes. Read on for our pairing guide!

History of Tonic

Where did it all begin? Tonic has been around since 1633, when it was first discovered that bark off the Cinchona tree helped cure malaria with its active ingredient quinine. In the 1800s, British troops started to mix the bitter quinine ‘tonic’ with soda, sugar, and gin. From this, the Gin & Tonic was born!

Choosing a tonic

When choosing a tonic, it’s important to choose one made with real and not synthetic quinine. Real quinine is extracted from the bark of a Cinchona tree, while synthetic quinine is made in a lab. Unlike other brands, we use real quinine (sourced from the Democratic Republic of Congo) in our tonics. We don’t add any artificial ingredients or preservatives, keeping it 100% natural.

CAPI Tonic (the original)

Our first tonic, made from the best natural quinine we could get our hands on and perfectly balanced with lemon, lime and orange essential oils. It’s no surprise it was voted the No. 1 Tonic by Australian Bartender Magazine. 

Drink with classic gin. We love Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin, Melbourne Gin Company, Hendricks and The Botantist.

Garnish with grapefruit wheels, citrus peels, or sliced cucumber.

CAPI Dry Tonic (we’re talking low sugar)

For some people, our core Tonic just wasn’t dry enough. So we took it one step further, used 30% less sugar and produced this uniquely dry Tonic that lets your gin play the hero. It’s crisp and dry as a bone, allowing the botanicals in your gin to shine through.

Drink with dry and floral gin. We love Patient Wolf, Hippocampus, and Archie Rose.

Garnish with lime, rhubarb, baby pickled cucumbers or coriander.

Native Tonic (think Australian botanicals)

An ode to Australia’s finest botanical ingredients, our Native Tonic is the latest release in our award-winning tonic range. Infused with a blend of lemon aspen, Tasmanian mountain pepper and Mount Zero salt, this tonic perfectly ‘seasons’ your gin with its salt and pepper elements. A low sugar profile creates a dry finish, allowing the gin to truly shine through.

Drink with savoury gins crafted with Australian botanicals. We love Adelaide Hills Distillery, Mt Uncle Distillery, Dasher & Fisher Gin, West Winds Cutlass Gin.

Garnish with rosemary, cherry tomatoes, basil or thyme.

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