How to make an in-bottle cocktail

Sometimes cocktails can get a bit complicated. Heading to the bar can see drinks involving infused syrups, intricate pouring techniques – sometimes the bartender will even set your drink on fire to wide-eyed, incredulous looks. The theatre of cocktail making is an experience within itself.
But what about those times when we want all the novelty and specialty of a cocktail, without a bartender on hand? Or waiting 20 minutes per drink? Don’t sweat it.
Super simple to make, in-bottle cocktails tick all the boxes. No mess or dishes to wash, and ready within minutes. Serve these at your event for an easy & mess-free cocktail option!

Here’s how:

  1. Pour out 30ml of CAPI from the bottle (just above the ‘Australia’ in the glass’)
  2. Add 30ml of your spirit of choice
  3. Finish with a garnish and straw

Some of our favourite combinations include

  • CAPI Grapefruit + 30ml Campari + grapefruit wedge
  • CAPI Yuzu + 30ml Amaro Montenegro + lemon slice
  • CAPI Dry Tonic + 30ml gin + rosemary sprig
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