Hair of the Dog

It’s Chinese New Year and a lot of New Year celebrations result in a hangover. But never fear, it’s year of the Dog! And you know what they say about dogs and hangovers.

The expression hair of the dog is a shortening of ‘a hair of the dog that bit you’. It comes from an old belief that if someone had been bitten by a rabid dog, the best cure would be a potion containing that very same dog’s hair. So, when it comes to booze and hangovers, the suggested cure is what got you there in the first place … booze. Sounds nicer than drinking a potion of dog hair.

Before you hit the cocktails and start celebrating, we discovered a recent study which found drinking sparkling water after a boozey session increases ALDH, which is a helpful, hangover-slaying enzyme. So, make sure you keep up both kinds of bubbles while seeing in the New Year.

So, what are you drinking this New Year? We’ll be pouring Campari’s and CAPI Grapefruit!

Happy Year of the Dog.







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