We head on down to Fitzroy Street and a CAPI favourite, Fitzrovia. A little gem in the heart of St.Kilda, whose name pays homage to the Bohemian neighbourhood in London. Since the 1920’s it has been home to writers such as Virginia Woolf, George Bernard Shaw, Joe Orton and Arthur Rimbaud. Our man Dave Kerr sits down with supervisor extraordinaire Sarah Geoghegan to get the lowdown.

So, what’s the vibe breakfast, lunch?

And dinner, we do it all. We’re RING RING RING RING RING so sorry give me one second.. hello Fitzrovia Sarah speaking… yes dear… oh of course dear for four? lovely well see you tonight it’s looking like a full house…

You go all day, which is kind of rare for a normal menu. Do you work across all of the services?

I predominantly work days, so I tend to finish when night starts.

Awesome.  Day walker, look at you. So, I guess the question is are you the 18-hour day puller?

I do twelve sometimes. 

Twelve is still a marathon

Well, I regularly do twelve and I have done eighteen.  If you’ve worked in hospitality then, obviously, you’ve done eighteen hours before.

Totally.  You’ve done an eighteen.  OK, so, what is your knock off?  Is there a local knock off?  What do you do, what do you drink?

Location or drink itself?

Well, the drink itself.   Like, you’re here, you grab a beer, what would it be?

I am a bad Australian in that I don’t drink beer…I do drink cider, though, god I love cider. I prefer Gypsy or a Pink Lady, god they’re good ciders, maybe the best, the best.  like, 2Brothers’ Gypsy.  Pear and apple blend. That’s a bang-on vibe. that’s my scene

See, why pick when you can have both, like a little girl.

Passionate Hospitalitarian

OK, worst hospitality person you have ever worked with?

His name was Carlos dos Santos, a friend of my girlfriends. He was traveling from Portugal. God he smelt like beer. God he killed me. Late, dirty, unreliable.

Where would you go for a drink?  Like, where’s your knock off joint other than here?

I tend to stick on Fitzroy Street, I love Day of the Dead, just up here. I’ve been going there for three years, it’s like the greatest thing in the entire world. They do the best espresso martinis, you go in there and basically, they take care of you. Misery Guts is the other one. I love Misery Guts, god I love Misery Guts.  Jules is the best, and mainly because you walk in and you don’t have to order, she goes “This is what you’re drinking tonight”.

Pesto! And it’s cool that there’s a locals scene, it seems it really has a cool community sense to it.

Yeah, it’s all about St Kilda. Like, as I walk in the street, sometimes, if I don’t wanna see anyone, I can’t walk down Fitzroy Street because you’re, like, just a local there.

So, tell me about Fitzrovia a little bit more.  What is the cuisine?  Can you define it?

It’s actually quite difficult.  People ask me, they assume it’s Italian. But, I say it’s more European inspired, English inspired. The only thing is it’s fresh and local and sustainable, that’s the big ethos behind the brand. But if I had to nail it down I would say it’s Melbourne. Pun intended. 

What’s the most Instagramed thing in here? 

The food, pretty food. And the people, pretty people. And the place, pretty place. It’s all gramable. That’s our other ethos.

OK, so do you have any hospo horror stories? 

My only horror stories are people just randomly screaming at me for no reason. I call them “Sydney People” because they clearly can’t be from Melbourne. Because Melbourne is too wonderful.

And St Kilda is known for its, er, “ladies of the night”

 They’re lovely, god they’re lovely, darling.  There’s only one or two that are mean. The rest of them are really wonderful, really darling. Sometimes I’m walking home and they’re, like, “Get home safe, girl” and I’m all like “yeah homeys’

All Photos by Peter Taraisuk


2/155 Fitzroy St, St Kilda VIC 3182

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