CAPI x Swisse HQ

Dry July doesn’t have to be boring! Introducing the CAPI Booze-less Bar.

This week we popped up at Swisse HQ in Melbourne with a boozeless bar, serving delicious virgin Gin & Tonics, Mulled Ginger Beer, and sugar-free breakfast cocktails. 

Since 2008, Dry July has inspired more than 130,000 Aussies to go dry. This July, over 8,100 people have decided to go booze-free. Combined with the consumer trend shifting away from alcohol consumption in favour of all things health and wellness, it’s ever important to expand the offering in this space. CAPI’s wide range of mineral waters and mixers provide a simple, yet delicious alternative to boozy cocktails.

If you’d like CAPI’s boozeless bar at your office, shoot us an email


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