CAPI wins big on world stage

You sit down to lunch or dinner and the waiter arrives to ask “Still or Sparkling Water?” This is somewhat of a different story in China. With a culture centered around the consumption of tea, the question of what ‘water is’ is a new and growing concept in China. When you move away from the bright lights of the Bund in Shanghai the local traditions and influence are prevalent in dining. As the Chinese travel more and more, they have become increasingly exposed to fine dining, western ways of living and consuming.

The market for bottled water in China is significantly growing. It is expected to grow 57.9% in value and 34.4% in volume between 2016 and 2020, according to Mintel (2016). This looks like 65,987 million litres of water.  The premium water market is growing in turn and is almost viewed as an accessory or luxury item. While Sparkling Water is a newer concept to the Chinese market, Still Water drives the volume of market share with strong local players like Nongfu and C’est Bon. 

Continued concerns around the safety of water are further driving bottled water consumption. The Ministry of Environmental Protection of China has stated that 36.9% of surface water in China is below water standards and unfit for human consumption. According to Mintel (2016), bottled waters with a focus on quality are hence likely to stand out from the crowd.

CAPI’s proposition extends beyond pure, clean Australian mineral water, to the modern minimal aesthetic of our glass bottle. Last week, our CEO Emma Evans, ventured to Guangzhou for the 7th International High-end Drinking Water Industry Expo, the largest and most respected drinking water trade show in China. Over 10,000sqm, 200 exhibitors came from 15 different countries around the world held over 3 days. Our presence at the expo was centered around engaging with the market with what matters most to them. 

The event ended with the International Water Tasting Competition, where 4 sommeliers judged entries. With over 30 international brands and 20 Chinese brands participating, CAPI was excited to win the Bronze award for our Sparkling Mineral Water, and Silver for our Cucumber Mineral Water. 


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