Bottled at the Source

CAPI Mineral Water is sourced just 50 minutes from Melbourne in the Central Highlands of Victoria. This area has around 100 natural mineral water springs, each having unique mineral properties.

Dating back to 1887, the Central Victorian Highlands water reserves were known as the ‘special waters’ by the local Aboriginal tribes. The name was derived due to the healing properties and mineral content of this special spring. These minerals are both natural and essential to metabolism of the human body and have also been associated with mental and physical health benefits.

The reserve where CAPI sources their Sparkling Mineral Water is the Kyneton Mineral Water Spring Reserve. The Kyneton reserve contains highly sought after, delicate, mineral-rich water, which is why CAPI chooses to bottle their water directly at this source.

Every drop of CAPI Mineral Water filters through 250 feet of mineral rich rock formations deep underground to capture the unique and smooth mineral taste at its best. The natural carbonation in the sparkling mineral water further adds a light effervescence and delicacy to the water. 


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