A gin festival by the Yarra?


Yep, Riverland bar nestled in below Princes bridge throws a wild gin festival…Junieperlooza is the name. It’s all about that riverside atmosphere, good brews and “one-handers”. CAPI Trade Secret’s float’s on in to get the lowdown on Juniperlooza and chicken dinners with super-manager Anna.

The word is that we’re being treated to a ‘staffy’ (pronounced ‘staff-eee’)?

It’s the delicious chicken dish

Please, run us through it

Grilled chicken breast, green goddess sauce, charred corn, radish, red capsicum and fried shallot salad, which is gluten free.

Get in me, it’s the sign of a good venue when they feed their staff

Yep, they look after us.

Good. Okay, so, on that note, what is your go-to knock-off?

We’ve got a great fridge full of beers at the moment. I would go the Killer Sprocket, it’s a dark amber ale…deadly.

Good choice. Are you shifting many good beers? Is it just corporates drinking Carlton draught or are you’re evolving people’s expectations of what a good drink is?

No. We’re definitely evolving because we’re a table service venue as well, so it’s easy to help customers make better choices, as opposed to Carlton draught.

I think that’s amazing, if you come down here you could easily assume, being tourists and corporates, they would just drink sh** but it’s really cool to see, loads of good moves going down.

Tourists will often ask for the beers they know, but the older generation and corporates are coming down asking for things they’ve never heard of. They ask our staff for suggestions and trust me, they (staff) have drunk them all and are happy to recommend our drinks.

Cool, do you have a stand out on the back bar?

The Hippocampus Organic Vodka and Distillery Botanica Garden Grown Gin Australia’s most troublesome bottle to pour from, but it is also very gorgeous and delicious.

Soo Juniper? Looza?


What’s that?

Australia’s first gin festival, it was bloody great. We had 21 distilleries pouring Australia’s best gin mixed in with weird wonderful performing artists and 2000 punters…Let’s just say there were Zebras.

How entertaining, count us in next year

Will do we hold it annually, hopefully, the weather turns on again.

 Riverland New Year’s, what went down?

We had a sweet cocktail party looking over the fireworks, the boat literally sits in front of Riverland and shoots colourful wonders into the new year.

Before we cruise what’s the best selling dish? What cranks?

Our One Handers. They’re small dishes which pair well with our drinks.

One Handers?

Yep, Mac & Cheese croquettes…get at me. We also run a bratwurst barbie outside on weekends which brings everyone down to the Yarra. Not to mention the ice cream.

What if you don’t eat meat?

We cater for everyone.

You have been lovely to chat with, thanks, Anna.

Juniperlooza is held annually at Riverland Bar during the month of November for more details visit: http://www.riverlandbar.com/

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