Winter Garnish Guide

While the winter season may make us want to retreat inside, with it brings a bunch of delicious, seasonal produce. When garnishing our drinks we love to utilise fruits that are in-season. Seasonal produce not only tastes better but supports our local farmers.

Here are some of our favourite garnishes to use in winter:


These guys are part of the orange family, but are typically sweeter and less acidic. To use as a garnish, break off segments, peel the rind, or slice a wheel straight through. Mandarins pair particularly well with our Yuzu soda.


An ancient and diverse fruit that ripens from the inside out, pick these guys when they’re still hard on the outside. To garnish, cut into slivers. A quick drizzle of lemon juice will keep it from going brown. We like it in our Pear & Vanilla Mocktail.


Talk about a classic. Most likely your go-to, lemons are deliciously sour and zesty. They are also extremely versatile as a garnish. Cut into a wheel or half moon, peel and twist the rind, or even just make a wedge. Try your hand at this wine-based Tinto de Verano.


More than meets the eye, rhubarb can take your cocktails to the next level. To garnish, chop off a section of the stem and place in your glass. For a fancier finish, create a twist by finely slicing the length of the stem. Trim and thin to get it looking nice and even and then twist. Try it with our Spicy Ginger Beer.


Labelled one of winter’s most ‘mysterious’ fruits, quinces can make an interesting addition to your drink. Peel the rind into a twist, or slice a section off. A unique way to finish off a 
Gin & Tonic.


Another super versatile garnish. Tart, tangy and a little bit sour, grapefruit is often our go-to garnish. Cut a wedge, slice a wheel or half moon, or create a rind twist. Keep your drink light with this Smoky Sunrise.


Lightly sweet with an anise-like flavour, fennel is a garnish to impress. Simply cut off a sprig and place in your drink, or peel the stem and create a twist. It pairs particularly well with our Grapefruit soda.