We Made The Switch

Keeping things local has always been important to us at CAPI, with everything from our product and packaging design, to the creation of our drinks taking place on Australian soil. We’re so excited to now announce that we’ve made the switch to an Australian bottle too!

Why trade up an International bottle manufacturer for an Australian supplier?

With access to some of the best water, produce and creative talent at our doorstep, it hasn’t been hard to keep CAPI almost entirely Australian-made from the start. Switching to a locally made bottle has been on our agenda for a long time and now, in a rapidly changing post-COVID industry, we were able to leverage the opportunity to switch to Orora, a sustainability-oriented Australian manufacturing company.

Some of the most exciting products and innovative thinking is coming out of Australia. To continue to push the evolution of what Australia can offer and to keep us at the forefront of so many industries, we need to support Australian business, which is best done by choosing Australian products.

Why partner with Orora as our glass partner?

For us at CAPI, quality and the ongoing support from our suppliers in quality management are incredibly important. We value this in our partners as we put our customers first and we want their experience and safety to be paramount when they experience our products.

Beyond this, the quality of service and the values alignment of our partners are a very important factor when deciding who we work with. At CAPI, we want to know that we have a similar outlook in how we run our businesses, with a focus on supporting local and a constant passion for improving our sustainability efforts. 

Like CAPI, we noticed that the team at Orora has a can-do attitude, a passion for what they do, and a desire for continuous improvement and evolution. These values were reinforced by the fact that the Orora team are exceptional to deal with and made us feel that nothing was too much trouble. Our relationship has been honest from day one.

Want to try our new bottle for yourself? Click here to stock up!