The Principles of a Spritz

As health consciousness rises, interest in low ABV cocktails is piquing. Enter The Spritz, a low alcohol drink packed full of flavour.

The concept of a spritz originated in Venice in the 1800s when it was under the Austrian empire. Foreign soldiers, merchants, and diplomats were unaccustomed to Venetian wines which were often higher in alcohol content and would hence ask for their wines to be diluted with water to make it lighter. This led to the creation of a spritz.

In the 1900s carbonated water became widely available, spreading the popularity of the drink and inviting different variations. Aperol spritz may be the first spritz that comes to mind, but there’s a whole world out there.

Here’s your cheat sheet to making a simple spritz.

Choose a wine glass or big balloon glass.

The simplest way to nail a spritz ratio is 3:2:1. That’s 3 parts Prosecco (or alternative), 2 parts aperitif and 1 part soda.

You can never have too much ice. Fill it to the top, and then some more.

Fresh garnishes finish off a spritz perfectly. Get creative and try citrus peels, wheels or wedges. Even throw it on a skewer to add a sophisticated flair.

Put your skills to the test with our spring Spritz recipes. Sip away!