Low Sugar Tonic - Sweet Enough

We are so excited to welcome Low Sugar Tonic to the CAPI Family! Low Sugar Tonic now sits alongside Soda+, our range of sugar and sweetener free all-natural sodas, in our Better For You range. 

We asked our customers what they wanted to see more of from CAPI and above all, the response that came out on top was a desire for premium, 100% natural and healthy drinks with reduced sugar - thus the Better For You range was born.

Recent studies have shown that with two-thirds of Australians being overweight, Australians are now looking for less sugary, carbonated soft drinks. In the past 5 years, we have seen a significant decline in sugar consumption with sugar consumption down 10% from 2018 (, 2019).

For Low Sugar Tonic, we have cut the sugar and crafted a tonic that uses only the best ingredients and real quinine. Inspired by our best-selling Dry Tonic, we bring you Australia’s first premium, all-natural Low Sugar Tonic that’s perfect for mixing. With minimal sugar content, we've balanced the bite of natural quinine with a hint of yuzu for subtle sweetness. Low Sugar Tonic clocks in at 2.3g of sugar per 125ml and has no artificial anything, making a G&T in less than 75 calories - half that of a classic G&T.
Try Low Sugar Tonic for yourself and see what all the fuss is about - now available across Coles Liquor stores Australia-wide.

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