From Plastic To Paper

Motivated by a continued effort to improve the sustainability of our products, we’ve made the decision to transition from plastic labels to paper labels. The move ensures that every part of the CAPI glass bottle can now be recycled, eliminating the previous limitations posed by plastic labels and resulting in packaging that not only looks and feels more premium, but is also 100% recyclable.

In Conversation With Thurman, Our Director Of Brand & Innovation

We spoke to our Director of Brand & Innovation, Thurman Wise on the hows and the whys of our journey to paper labels. Reducing packaging waste, and improving the premium quality of our labels were core drivers in our decision to transition from plastic to paper, however there were curveballs to contend with along the way. Now that we’re out the other side, we couldn’t be prouder of our new look - even if we’re still arguing over which one is the strongest.

Why the change? What was wrong with the old labels?

We made the change in order to continue to improve our sustainability. We had discovered that with our old labels there was a degree of waste that was a result of the label attaching to the glass during processing. We worked with our label makers to find the most sustainable solution which was a switch to a paper label that results in no waste when processing our bottles.

What considerations went into the new designs?

We wanted to keep the design aesthetic and heritage of CAPI whilst making sure we made good use of the labels to share important information about our brand for customers to see - like the fact that we are all natural and Australian made. We wanted these to be front and centre to help customers make informed choices. We also wanted to ensure we kept our bottles premium and sophisticated, so they can be served at the finest restaurants and bars, and dining tables across Australia.


Any tips for a brand undergoing a packaging rebrand?

Always evolve, make sure you are pushing sustainability and stay in touch with your customers and supply partners to see what could help improve your packaging. But always make sure to stay close to your roots - brand consistency is paramount.



Which new label is your favourite?

This is such a tough one. If I had to pick one favourite, I reckon it's our 750ml Sparkling water. The colour, the texture - it all just feels right.

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