International Women's Day with Paige Aubort

This month, to help celebrate International Women's Day, we spoke with previous Bartender of the year, founder of Coleman’s Academy, 30 Under 30 in the Arts for Asia and Bulletin Place bartender Paige Aubort.

Paige is passionate about inspiring and empowering women in the industry and with Coleman’s Academy has created a space for women to support each other in an industry that was once male dominated.

Who are some of the women in the industry you admire most and what are they doing?

Oh damn, how long have you got? In order to keep this somewhat restrained I’ve limited myself to our shores.

Harriet Leigh - Head of Hospitality for Archie Rose
Monica Brown - Owner of Lotus PR
Nikki Friedli - Function and Events Manager for MONA
Krystal Hart - Australian World Class Ambassador
Meredith Hemmings - Three Blue Ducks Group Beverage Manager
Atlanta Pahulu - Bartender at Bulletin Place.

Jeez, this feels like such an unintentional humble brag to have so many brilliant women to be inspired by. Lucky me/Australia.

Has there been a person or moment that has had a significant impact on your career?

Several. The most recent becoming a part of the Bulletin Place team.  This venue and its tidy little family forces you to look at yourself constructively and come to terms with your areas of strength and improvement. Theres nowhere to hide in its four walls or behind its bar and I have grown exponentially since joining. Very, very grateful.

Any words of wisdom on how women can progress in the industry?

I want to say believe in yourself but I think it would be a little too hypocritical. Instead I will say, seek out other women in our industry. They are fierce, intelligent, articulate, bright and chomping at the bit to help. If you don’t know any, start with me! (@paigeaubort)

As an industry, what should we be doing to attract more women into the field?

Taking a long hard look at ourselves, the way we communicate with our staff, the way we run our training programs. This is has always been a male dominated industry and as such we communicate in a style that is best applicable from men communicating to men. Realise that we have a responsibility, as people in positions of power, to create a more diverse work force/industry. And remember! Everything bleeds from the top, the more you have women in high positions of power, the more women will be able to see a future within your company.

What’s your all-time favourite cocktail?
Oh dang, thats a good question. A 50/50 gin martini with a twist. 20 year old Paige would not recognise me.

Images by Tim Harris (@timyeahtim) from True Tribe (@true_tribe)