International Gin & Tonic Day Packs

International G&T Day Is Around The Corner!

Polish up the good glassware… this International G&T day is going to be a doozy! To celebrate, we’ve curated four perfectly paired, all Australian gin & tonic packs to make matching the right mixer with the right gin all too easy. Choose between Kangaroo Island Gin & CAPI Classic Tonic, Farmer’s Wife Autumn Dry Gin & Dry Tonic, Brogan’s Way Mother’s Way Gin & Melbourne Tonic or Husk Ink Dry Gin & Garden Tonic.



700ml Brogan's Way Mother's Gin
Mother’s Way is a very special Old Tom style gin. Made in celebration of all mums it has a unique blend of native strawberry gum, fresh lime, pink grapefruit, native pepper berries supported by delicate fragrant rose and lavender with softy piney juniper shining through.
4 x 250ml CAPI Melbourne Tonic
Melbourne Tonic is inspired by Melbourne’s iconic sunsets, where rich colours of pink and orange citrus stretch from the city to meet the salt and sea of Port Phillip Bay. With this in mind, CAPI crafted a tonic with bright flavours of tart and sweet citrus, rounded out by Mount Zero salt to mix perfectly with your favourite Aussie Gin. It’s Melbourne at sunset – bottled.
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700ml Farmer's Wife Autumn Dry Gin
Farmer's Wife Gin is concocted with thirteen botanicals including native safe, myrtles, pepperberry and our signature sugar bag honey bestow their magic upon this gin. The rare sugar bag honey is produced in small quantities by Australian native stingless bees. This inscribes a unique citrus sweetness that when distilled using a traditional copper pot still delivers a softness and depth to the gin.

4 x 250ml CAPI Dry Tonic
Dry Tonic  has a unique dry finish, and a lower sugar content than you might expect. It packs all the bite of the best quality natural quinine. But it doesn’t carry on about it. The ultimate wingman, it allows the full flavour of your gin to shine – attracting the attention it rightfully deserves.
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700ml Husk Distillers Floral Infused Ink Gin
Ink Gin is a premium dry gin made with 13 organic botanicals, including a mix of traditional and Australian natives. Like all true gins, juniper berries are the largest botanical component, however the defining character of Ink Gin comes from the second tier botanicals led by locally grown lemon myrtle leaf, coriander seed, Tasmanian pepper berry and freshly peeled sundried sweet orange peel.

4 x 250ml CAPI Garden Tonic
Garden Tonic is inspired by Victoria’s lush gardens, home to a myriad of colours and fragrances of native flora stretching from Melbourne into the greater country. With this in mind, we crafted a tonic with aromatic flavours of fresh herbs, rounded out by native lime to mix perfectly with your favourite Aussie Gin. It’s a Spring walk through Victoria - bottled.
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700ml Husk Distillers Floral Infused Ink Gin
O’Gin highlights juniper, coriander & angelica root in a contemporary London style. The inclusion of the coastal daisy bush, ‘Olearia axillaris’ imparts sweet piney notes. A bold savoury Gin rounded with fresh South Australian oranges.

4 x 250ml CAPI Classic Tonic
Classic Tonic is crafted using natural quinine lifted with lemon, lime and orange essential oils, our Tonic has a delicate citric balance. And like all the best support acts, it’s understated enough to let the flavour profile of your gin do most of the talking. It might be humble, but it’s still winning awards. 
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