How To Summer Soirée With Cam Robbie

Say what you will about being raised in Australia’s tinsel town, the Gold Coast, but it did leave me with the know-how of what it takes to have the perfect summer’s day.
I’ve weathered the heat stroke, the mozzie attacks, the sleepless nights where your body burns and likens itself to a cooked lobster - all so you don’t have to.
These are my tips for maximising a gorgeous, sunny day at the beach that you can cap off with a relaxing daiquiri in the evening.
Remember, a day in the sun is a marathon, not a sprint.

On The Road
Tip 1. Start early. You may want to get some of that longed-for shut eye on your precious days off. But it’s a whole different story when you’re hitting a mile-long queue and the walk from the car feels like its own half marathon.
Done right, starting early gets you first pick in the parking lot and ample options of where to set up camp. Plus, a little morning grumpiness sure beats the short temper that follows yet another, ‘nah sorry mate, we’re not leaving’.
Tip 2. Fill her up, grab the ice and don’t forget some white bread with a cooked chook from your local.
If you followed Tip 1, you’ve missed the queue for the petrol pump too and ice is in stock; no one wants to taste the joys their sun-cooked water. Chicken sandwiches and some fresh watermelon are all you need to keep everyone full and happy. Scrap the cheese board (it never works) and save your money for ice cream. When you’re ready to head home, you’ve got enough in the tank when your own tank is depleted.

At The House
I'm not going to run through the essentials; togs, pluggers, towel (the bigger, the better). But just triple check, okay?
- Sunscreen 50+. “I don’t need that, I want my summer glow” - there’s a fine line between golden tan and flaking for the next week. Trust me, you’ll still tan (burn) with Reef Oil 30+.
- Water. Some more water. Then add 2L per person on top.
- Aeroguard. It’s all fun and games until the midges settle in.
- Beach umbrella. A beach umbrella for your partner at Christmas is a beach umbrella for you. Food for thought.
- A football, Beach Cricket or Number Toss, take your pick, but at least one. You won’t regret it.
- Portable speaker. Lo-fi vibes set the mood with a Capi Charred Grilled Pineapple Daiquiri in hand.
- Jacket - I know, it’s hot! But you’ll feel the cold when it hits; no need to miss out on sunset or a fire under the stars. P.s. Keep it in the car, we parked close, remember?
P.p.s. Always put a beach fire out with water. Chucking sand on top is only going to keep the coals burning. A morning jogger isn’t looking for their own fire-walking experience.
Did I mention sunscreen?

At The Beach
You’re here. The sun is shining, the morning is beautiful. There’s no battle to claim your space as you lay down your towels. The flags are close, but you’re far enough away to escape a mouthful of sand every time someone walks by. Your day is long and unforgettable. No ones stressed out over the hassle of getting there, you came to have fun.
You’ve got the time to take that walk or read your book. You’ve played some games, had some laughs, reapplied your sunscreen and taken a nap in the shade. You shake up some Bacardi Rum and CAPI's Charred Pineapple Daiquiri, and “cheers” to the perfect day in the sun.
The Music