How To Grill With Black Brewing Co


You can't really have an Australian Summer, without enjoying a BBQ (... or four or five). This season, we've teamed up with executive chef at Margaret River's Black Brewing Co. to bring you expert tips on how to grill from the best in the business. He'll also share the music and drinks to complete the experience and help you impress your mates with a barbecue that will transcend the ordinary...


Preparing the Grill

1. The key to a good summer grill is to make sure you use whole lump wood charcoal to elevate the flavour profile of your meat or vegetables. Lump wood charcoal is made from whole pieces of hardwood and is readily available in bags from your local supermarket.

2. Lump wood charcoal introduces a new flavour to the traditional barbecue experience. It burns cleaner, cleans up easily, and provides a better sear and even cooking of food, it also imparts subtle smoky notes to your dish.

3. Cooking with lump wood charcoal is a little different from other methods. When heating up the charcoal make sure you allow the charcoal to reach white hot before placing your meat and vegetable onto the grill.

4. Chimney starters offer a good way to light your charcoal.  A metal cylinder, they offer a safe and efficient way to prepare the grill.

Preparing your meat for Grilling

1. Allow your meat to come to room temperature before grilling. By doing so, you will prevent the meat from tightening up when placed on the heat and it will give you a more even cook and tender result.

2. Oil and season meats and vegetables before grilling, not the grill, as this will create a better seal and crust on the meat and prevent it from sticking.

3. Always allow your meat to rest for half your cook time to retain all its juices for best results.

4. All these tips work in tandem to produce the best flavour and juiciest tender meat possible by sealing the meat fast and locking in the flavour of your protein.

What To Drink

When the Black Brewing Co team said they wanted to create a gin margarita using our Charred Pineapple Daiquiri mix we were intrigued, excited and - well - a little impatient to try the finished creation if we're honest! We were certainly not disappointed. Featuring their Dune Distilling Signature Gin and some spicy extras that really finish it off like Habanero salt, the final product is juicy, salty, and all kinds of refreshing.

Click here to discover the recipe


What To Listen To

So you've got the tips and you've got the drink... now you just need the tunes! Black Brewing Co have got you sorted there as well with the perfect music to set the vibe while you grill.

To find out more about our friends at Black Brewing Co, click here.