How To Entertain With Pasta Mama

This week in our Summer how-to guide, we have Jenna Holmes better known to the social media world as Pasta Mama or Plant Mama taking us through how to entertain. From setting the perfect table, whipping up delicious dishes, playing the perfect playlist, and drinking ice-cold drinks,  Jenna has quite the knack for setting the perfect summer vibes!

Summer is my most favourite season of them all for a few reasons: sun, beach and produce. Its the same reason why I always chase Europeans summers too, so that I can go the beach and lay in the sun whilst eating fruit. I am a dedicated summer fruit psycho so I just spent the whole 3-4 months consuming passionfruit, mangos, stone fruit, watermelon and literally everything sweet and cold, the fruit must always be cold. I also think people relax a little and also spend more time outdoors which is nice. Being in Melbourne for the last 7 years really made me appreciate daylight savings over summer and the late night light nights, so beautiful.

So here's how Pasta Mama entertains!

I like it casual and I like it fresh! I really don’t enjoy making set plans as I can never gauge my energy radar so I love a last minute text of “what are you doing later on?”

You grab a blanket and head to the local park and either grab snacks at the local grocer or get food delivered to the park, stop the bottle-lo and grab some drinks.
Always easy, simple and a practice as if something you have done many times before.

I really enjoy salads and lots of fresh plates with seasonal eats as there is nothing more tastier than a fresh organic baby carrot dipped in smoked eggplant and garlic dip. YUMMMM!

Cold and fruity drinks, a solid speaker and good company = molto bene!

What To Drink

Why stop at Spicy Watermelon Margarita?  Jenna adds some mint and cucumber to her marg to keep it light, fresh and summery. Plus, we think pink and green is arguably the best colour combination...

What To Listen To

When we asked for Jenna's best at-home entertaining playlist. Naturally, she had one already crafted specifically for the summer season… perfect for entertaining at home!