How To Be Your Own At Home Bartender With Thurman Wise

Making bar quality cocktails at home doesn't have to be tricky. This week in our Summer how-to guide, we have CAPI Brand & Innovation Director, former bartender and all round cocktail aficionado Thurman Wise taking you through his tips and tricks on creating bar-quality cocktails from home. With a knack for having a good time and setting the mood, Thurman shares his secrets to creating the ultimate Summer vibe and how to be your very own at-home bartender.

The key to making your cocktail


  1. Keep it fresh; no one wants to sip on a drink that tastes dusty. Take a run to the market before the weekend and stock up on fresh ingredients and replace that old ice that's been sitting in your freezer.
  2. Make it look good. The first way we experience a drink is with our sight. Garnish your cocktails with fun and vibrant garnishes, or use unique glassware. I am currently loving everything Maison Balzac.
  3. Dust off your blender. It's hot outside, and what better way to cool down then with an incredible frozen drink. Frozen cocktails have often been criticised for being overly sweet, but they don't have to be. You are in the drivers seat here so control the sugar, use fresh ingredients and they will be a hit, I promise. Don't have a blender? CAPI is running a contest right now, giving away 2 KitchenAids with a Frozen Ice attachment and a whole heap of other goodies to make the perfect frozen cocktail, go enter now!!
  4. Stock up on snacks! You might not think this has anything to do with cocktails but it absolutely does. In my opinion, nothing pairs better with a cocktail than a nice savoury snack like salted nuts, olives or some crisps. Head down to your local grocery shop and grab a few things for your guests.
  5. Proportion is everything. Wether you are making a G&T or a Frozen Pineapple Daiquiri, the best drinks are well balanced, which means you need to measure out your ingredients. You can do this with a jigger - grab one from your local liquor store. If you can't be fussed, use a shot glass or a else 1/4 cup is 60ml - the perfect pour for making two cocktails.

So what does Thurman love about summer?

Everything about it. Basking in the sun, boozy lunches outdoors with friends, impromptu dance parties, summer love, long weekends, road trips with the windows down and music up, bringing out the crop tops and anklets, and enjoying prawn cocktails and oysters by the pool.

What To Drink

Need we say more? 

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What To Listen To

What is the perfect drink if not accompanied by the perfect playlist? Having been very specifically instructed by Thurman to listen to the playlist in order, we hope the vibe of the music flows just as well as the drink.