Get To Know: The Paloma

In its most classic form, the Paloma is a mix of Reposado tequila - our go to is Patrón, CAPI Grapefruit Soda, combined with a wedge of fresh grapefruit. 

The History

The Paloma didn’t arrive on the scene until after 1938, when Squirt was first invented in Phoenix, Arizona. Squirt began advertising its appeal as a mixer with tequila as early as 1950, although Mexico didn’t begin importing the soda until 1955.


It’s unclear how or when the paloma got its name, which is Spanish for “dove.” Some say it could have been confused or exchanged for pomelo, Spanish for “grapefruit,” as the spellings are similar. Food for thought... We'll leave that to you. 

The Tequila


Our favourite, the Patrón Reposado tequila is distilled and rested in a variety of oak barrels for up to five months. Taking on a light-gold colour from the aging process, it’s alive with notes of citrus and honey. In the Spanish language, "Reposado" translates to "rest" - meaning Reposado tequila takes a little siesta before making its way into your Paloma.  


The Grapefruit


Made from the finest Cuban fruit, CAPI Grapefruit Soda delivers Central American acidez to Australian shores. This flavour makes for the perfect Mexican tequila companion! 


The Salt

Adding salt to the rim of your Paloma balances out the sweet and tangy notes. We use Mount Zero salt which is made up of a complexity of minerals, providing a complex, well rounded flavour - dissimilar to many sharp tasting refined salts. Don't forget this step!