Get To Know: The CAPI Glass Bottle

Built for Sharing

Every 250ml bottle is the perfect mixer for 2x highballs or perfect G&Ts.
That’s one for you, and one for your other half.

CAPI glass bottle
CAPI glass bottle

Destined For Good Places

We use a minimum 40% recycled glass. And our bottles are 100% recyclable,
so when you’re done, you know they’re going to a good place.

CAPI Recycling
CAPI Glass bottled Water

Water Is Precious

So we bottle to order – only producing what’s needed each month. And
because we bottle it right at the source, our mineral water stays in its
natural postcode, until it’s shipped to yours.

CAPI Bottling plant
CAPI Pure Water

Contoured for Pouring

Rumour has it the CAPI bottle design is perfectly balanced for ease of
pouring. At least, that’s what it feels like to us.

CAPI Glass Bottle
CAPI Glass Bottle

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