Discover Tequila With Tom Sinclair

To celebrate World Tequila Day later this month we met with Tom Sincalir from Mejico, one of Melbourne’s most expansive Tequila Bars, to help choose the best CAPI mixers to pair with tequila.

While he experimented with different mixers, Tom talked us through what he loves about 
tequila, his favourite ways to mix with it and why the Paloma is such a damn good cocktail.


What are 3 of your favourite tequila brands right now?

Herradura – if I had to pick a particular type it would be the Ultra. It’s an aged tequila and is distilled through coals which produces a unique flavour.

Tequila Ocho – I love this tequila because no batch is the same. Each year, a certain amount of agave is harvested from a specific field, producing a rare and collectable tequila – kind of like a fine wine!

Fortaleza – I love this simply because it tastes delicious. It’s a little bit premium and for me it has really nice caramel and toffee notes, especially for those that perhaps aren’t used to tequila.

What excites you about tequila?

Do you know what, before working at Mejico, I never used to like tequila and it was never a favourite of mine. Now, after being constantly surrounded by tequila, and having come across so many varieties, I think it’s made me a little tequila obsessed.  

I like that tequila feels a little undiscovered. I feel like tequila is an up and coming spirit with more and more people being open to trying it. Our ‘select your tequila’ game on all the Mejico tables allows for a bit of fun whilst introducing tequila to those that may be a little scared to try.

There are so many varieties from one different plant, which means endless creativity!


What’s so great about the Paloma? And what makes CAPI Grapefruit such a great mixer for tequila?

Why is a Paloma good, you ask? When people think of a tequila-based cocktail, they naturally think of margaritas. A Paloma is an actual classic and it’s a nice way to introduce people to something that isn’t a margarita – it’s easy to play with and adapt to make it your own.

CAPI’s grapefruit flavour really packs a punch and offers a unique alternative to other mixers out there. I also love CAPI’s Grapefruit because it’s almost too easy to drink, be it with tequila or on its own (almost dangerous).

What’s your all-time favourite tequila cocktail?

Tequila negroni or mezcal negroni – I love classy cocktails and those with a bit of strength, so these are perfect for me.

Otherwise I’d typically go for a margarita. If I’m feeling fancy, I’ll even get a mezcal margarita.

What inspires you to create?

I’m pretty lucky to work across two venues (INDU and Mejico) where I have a lot of variety. It’s pretty easy for me to endlessly create, especially when I have over 20 CAPI mixers to play with!

Also because CAPI tonic is probably the greatest mixer to ever be created (they didn’t pay me to say that, I swear). Considering there are so many different types of tequilas, I feel like the breadth of memorable cocktails really is endless. I feel like there’s no limit.

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