Get To Know: CAPI Flamin' Ginger Beer

Made With Real Ginger Juice

Typically, Ginger Beer is fermented. At CAPI however, we’re all about challenging processes and keeping things as natural as possible. That’s why, instead of fermenting our Ginger Beer, we use real ginger juice pressed from fresh ginger. And that’s why you might notice segment in our Flamin’ Ginger Beer Bottle - it’s real ginger!

Alcohol-free Ginger Beer

We know that having 'beer' in the name might be misleading, but that's because in the 1800s, the English enjoyed a Ginger Beer with 11% alcohol. Today, our Flamin’ Ginger Beer - along with most modern versions - is something very different and definitely much less strong. And because CAPI Flamin’ Ginger Beer gets its fizz through carbonation instead of fermentation, it remains alcohol-free.

Double The Spice 


You might be familiar with Flamin’ Ginger Beer’s older brother, Spicy Ginger Beer. CAPI Flamin’ Ginger Beer is double the spice and heat of its OG counterpart. It was created with a team of bartenders with the idea of creating a ginger beer ideal for Dark & Stormys and mules that would pack a punch.

Drink It In The Dark And Stormy

Looking for the perfect Flamin' Ginger Beer cocktail recipe? Try it with rum in a Dark & Stormy! In Winter, double down on the spice, in Summer amp up the lime and add some mint. Could this be the most versatile Ginger Beer recipe out there?! Head here for the recipe and make your own call.

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