Get To Know: CAPI Mineral Water

Naturally Sparkling

Nature did all the hard work, so we capture our Sparkling Mineral Water exactly as we find it. All we need to do is bottle it at the source.

Low in Sodium

Thank Australian conditions for producing mineral water that’s typically lower in sodium than European equivalents. And you can thank our gently-does-it approach for not adding anything unnatural.

Bottled at the source

Our Mineral Water is sourced just 50 minutes from Melbourne in the Central Highlands of Victoria. But it took hundreds of years to get there – filtered through the unique mineral-rich rock formations for which the region is famous.

Seasonality of bubbly-ness

As rain fluctuates through the year and will sometimes dilute our spring, CAPI regulate the bubbles over the year to compensate for the natural behaviour of the water reserve.

Get your hands on a bottle of our Mineral Water from 7-Eleven, now available at Australian stores nation-wide.