Get To Know: CAPI Blood Orange

Sicilian Blood Oranges 

Italian charm in an Australian fruit soda. Made from the best quality Sicilian Blood Oranges, this fruit soda delicately balances bitter and sweet. Fun fact: blood orange is a naturally occurring mutation of the orange. It's most commonly thought to be a hybrid between the pomelo and the tangerine. Juicy.

100% Natural Botanicals

All CAPI Blood Orange is made using nothing but the finest botanical ingredients, it’s 100% natural - and it tastes like it too. CAPI Blood Orange has no preservatives, artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners, making it perfect on its own and as a mixer. Refreshing, huh?


Colour Changes With Season

The colour of our Blood Orange Fruit Soda changes slightly over the year (between a more pink shade to a more orange shade) based on the natural seasonal variation in the blood oranges we use. The flesh of blood oranges develops its maroon colour when the fruit develops with low temperatures during the night. So if one of your Blood Orange Sodas is a deeper orange than another, it means the fruit used to make it was picked in a colder temperature!

Drink it in the Otoño!

Looking for the perfect Blood Orange Recipe? Try it in the Otoño with Mezcal. Head here for recipe. 

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