Get Long Weekend Ready!


CAPI To Picnic With

No need to pack extra glassware! Take a few sips of your CAPI and replace with 30ml of your spirit of choice, add a straw & garnish to make the perfect in-bottle cocktail.

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CAPI To Dinner Party With

Make your hosting comeback dinner party one that your guests won’t forget! Glass-bottled still & sparkling is a must to keep guests hydrated through the night and elevate your dinner party spread.

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CAPI To Make Cocktails With

One of our favourites, the Salted Paloma is a must-try with CAPI Grapefruit. All you’ll need is ice, 30ml Tequila, 10ml Lime juice, 125ml CAPI Grapefruit, Lime wedge, 3 tsp salt. Find the recipe here.

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