Garnish Like A Pro

Knowing what’s in season is one thing, knowing how to turn your produce into a cocktail worthy garnish is another. Take your drink from a 2 to a 10 with our tips below. 

Blood Orange Crescent - pairs well with tall, highball style cocktails like The Salty Dog.

1. Slice blood orange in half.
2. Slice again to create a 0.5cm wheel.
3. Slice wheel in half.

Grapefruit peel twist - pairs well with citrus forward drinks like the Grapefruit Quartet.

1. Cut around fruit, deep enough so there is just a little white pith.
2. Thin out your strip of peel to remove white pith.
3. Trim your strip and give it a twist!

Cucumber Ribbon - pairs well with clean, summery drinks like a G&T or the Cucumber Cooler.

1. Use a mandoline slicer to slice your cucumber longways.
2. Slice each end on a diagonal.
3. Your cucumber is ready for arranging!