Drink Trends This Spring

Meet our Head of Innovation, Thurman Wise!

We’re never quite sure where he is in the world but so long as he’s writing back to emails, we know he’s safe and well-watered. We asked him what he’s seeing out in the drinks world that will inform this spring’s serves…

“From my recent travels across Shanghai, Los Angeles, Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Guangzhou, I’ve noticed a few emerging trends. I live 2 seasons in the future, or in the past, depending on how you look at it, so here’s what you can expect to see this spring:

Negronis and all bitter drinks are still a thing. I know last year felt like Negroni year, but the year ahead is going to be even more bitter. This spring, look for Americanos, sparkling mezcal negronis and a whole new variety of funky spritz’s, yes that’s right even more spritz.

People are really into no sugar, like really really into no sugar. As a result prepare to see a lot more citrus, fresh herbs, and fruits in drinks. In order to balance cocktails with limited sugar, our very own natures candy of fruits and herbs can really help to provide a balanced drink. That being said, expect to see fresh variations of Collins, smashes, and other takes on fruit and herb-forward bubbly classics.

One of the biggest trends recently in my hometown of LA, is the return of the Vodka Soda and the emergence of the Mezcal Soda. While Vodka Soda hasn’t really gone anywhere with most people, I have noticed a lot of friends who normally drink whiskey, tequila and mezcal are starting to switch over to Vodka Sodas or Mezcal Sodas when going out on the weekend. Perhaps it’s about staying hydrated on wild nights out or simply saving spirits on the rocks for home or more mellow occasions.

Finally, the overarching trend I am seeing across the board is the attitude of keeping it simple. More highballs, Gin & Tonic’s, built cocktails, and spirits on the rocks. Less barrel-aged cocktails, less clarified punches, less fat wash, just less complicated processes. I think people are tired of waiting for drinks and just want a great drink made quickly with great ingredients.”

Thurman Wise, Head of Innovation at CAPI