Discovering Rum with Husk Distillers

To celebrate World Rum Day on the 16th August we met with the Zak and the team from Husk Distillers who are pioneering the cultivation and production of a new style of rum.

Each rum has been designed from farm to bottle to suit their coastal lifestyle and is made from the freshly crushed juice of the finest local sugar cane varieties from Tumbulgum in northern NSW.

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Tell us a bit about Husk and the rum you guys make?

We’re a single estate distillery in the northern rivers who are pioneering Australian Cultivated Rum using traditional distillation methods from the French Caribbean


What excites you about rum?

Because Husk rum is made with freshly cut sugar cane juice as opposed to mass produced molasses, it reflects the character of the region in every bottle. Native yeasts, rain falls, soil nutrients and climate all play their part in making every Husk rum batch unique. The fancy word for this is “terroir”, and it’s the same effect that makes wine so diverse. 




Rum sometimes has some common misconceptions, what myths about Rum would you like to dispel?

A big misconception about rum in Australia, is that it’s a neutral mixing spirit, not a premium sipping spirit. In fact rum is extremely complex. Around the world premium rum is enjoyed as we in Australia enjoy whisky - neat, on the rocks or with soda. This cultural distinction is one we’re trying to change. Husk Rums are full flavoured, bright, complex and very sippable. 

What’s your go to mixer for an easy and delicious rum cocktail?

My favourite mixer would have to be ginger beer especially CAPI's Flamin' Ginger. Goes perfectly with Bam Bam or Pure Cane as a mixer and spirit.

Alternatively making a Dark and stormy is super simple and easy to make at home and tastes delicious with Husk Rum.


What’s your all-time favourite rum cocktail?

Nothing beats a classic daiquiri. My favourite daiquiri is with Husk Botanic, it puts a tasty twist on a delicious classic. The fresh, bright flavours of the strawberry gum and lemon myrtle really come through in this cocktail and will leave empty glasses and smiles all round. 


What are some other rum brands out there making some amazing spirits? 

Internationally Foursquare from Barbados, Velier and Plantation, both European sourcing rums from around the world with continental age finish, Renegade Rum backed by Mark Reynier of Bruichladdich fame is a new venture and the first rum distillery ever on the island of Grenada.

Up and coming local craft players include Brix of Sydney, Kalki Moon from Bundaberg, Cavu from the sunshine Coast. Cavu are planning to make some juice rum. Brix do  a very small batch of juice rum each year using sugar cane trucked to Sydney from Rocky Point. 

Husk is presently the only Cultivated rum.

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