Cracking a CAPI with Lucy Folk

We sat down with Ben and Mads from Australian Jewellery & Lifestyle Brand,
Lucy Folk who keep their studio and salon fridges full of CAPI. Between G&Ts,
we chatted about why Lucy Folk operate the way they do, what makes them such
a unique lifestyle brand and how serving Australian, glass-bottled Mineral Water
makes a difference when meeting with customers.

Tell us about Lucy Folk! We'd love to know the ins and outs behind such a successful lifestyle brand.

For me Lucy Folk the brand really is something that is such a natural extension of Lucy Folk the person – it’s spirited, creative, authentic, and I think those being at the core of it’s foundation really contribute to it’s strength.  It began as a jewellery brand and then has grown quite naturally to include apparel, sunglasses, homewares, and collaborations with brands we love from around the globe.  Our approach to the brand is not traditional, but there’s method in our madness and we absolutely believe in what we do, and how we do it.

What's your office like? What's important to you when creating a productive and happy work environment?

In terms of the space we are so lucky – our studio sits on the same floor as our Melbourne flagship.  It’s a recently-ish renovated old industrial art deco building and without sounding too smug it has all those things people dream of – high ceilings, beautiful old walls, natural light for days etc.  
The environment is something we are also very proud of.  There’s a genuine camaraderie amongst us that is pretty joyous.  Basically we all get on and have a lovely time working together.  

Do you ever have clients in? How do you make their experience special?

We regularly have clients in, and in particular bespoke appointments.  Bespoke is an exciting one for us because we love that we offer a welcome that feels genuine, and laid back, but also special and sophisticated – very important when discussing a big jewellery investment.  You’ll roll your eyes at this but we pretty much always ‘crack a CAPI’ and it really sets the tone.

What's your favourite Lucy Folk piece and your favourite CAPI drink?

My favourite LF piece is my Mediterranean chain.  It’s an archive necklace we re-issued last year and it helps me indulge my Tony Soprano aesthetic aspirations.  CAPI – I am very vocal to anyone who will listen about my deep love for the Blood Orange & Sage Soda+.

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