CAPI’s Better Together Packs: South Australia Edition

We’ve been missing our South Australian mates. So this week we’re bringing together some of their finest spirits with some of our equally fine Soda+ mixers. Raising a glass to our friends from afar. Because we’ve always been (and always will be) better together.

In every pack we’ve perfectly matched our CAPI Soda+ mixers with top-shelf South Australian spirits. Victorian citrus and herbs to complement the most complex flavour profiles. Here’s to raising cross-border morale in a tall glass. An interstate ‘cheers’ (with no need to drive to Mt Gambier).

Which Victorian distillers can I buy a kit from? 

36 Short Spirits
Barossa Distilling




36 Short Sprits


Tell us about your brand/product?

Adelaide brothers Jon and Con Lioulios have distilled and launched the first Rakia to be licensed and sold in Australia, 36 Short. 36 Short is a tribute to Jon and Con’s Macedonian born father, Pando.

36 Short (Pando's suit size) Gold & White Rakia are a true handcrafted Rakia made on the plains of Virginia, South Australia using the secret recipe handed down from father to son over three generations. Our Rakia is a wine-based spirit made from premium South Australian Shiraz and has a subtle unique Anise finish.

We are proud to have grown our product range from 36 Short Gold and White Rakia to also include 36 Short Blood Orange Gin, Original Gin, Barrel Aged Gin, Rhubarb Gin and our latest addition Blood Orange Vodka.

What Does it mean to be Australian?

To me being Australian is everything. It has helped shape me into the person I am today… Appreciating who we are and where were from, giving love to the Aussie culture whether it’s having friends and family over for a B.B.Q with 36 Short in hand celebrating to walking bare-foot along our beautiful coast lines.


What are some of your favourite bars and restaurants in Adelaide?

Jon: My favourite would have to be Udaberri located on 11 Leigh Street in the city. Tucked away in the hustle and bustle of Adelaide, this Spanish influenced venue has an amazing atmosphere and a drinks menu to rival the best in the business.

Con: Malt & juniper located on the ever-popular Peel Street in the city of churches (Adelaide) has been a long-time favourite of mine. Definitely a must to meet the team, they have a wealth of knowledge and a vast range of Whisky and Gins too.


Barossa Distilling


Tell us about your brand & product? How is it made, how do you source the materials? What makes you guys different from the rest?

Based in the heart of Australian wine country, Barossa Distilling is an award-winning craft spirits producer creating incredible liquids driven by great flavour and inspired by discovery.

We use a one-shot distillation approach. Utilising Barossa made Grape Spirit as our neutral base redistilled with carefully selected premium quality botanicals.

Being in the Barossa Valley, we like to draw inspiration from different winemaking techniques, cooperage and barrels, viticulture and the regions rich history of distillation.

What does it mean to be Australian to you?

It’s amazing to be a part of the Australian Craft Spirit industry especially in South Australia, where there is such a strong sense of creation and fabulous producers. Experimenting with native botanicals and showcasing flavours never seen before makes us proud to be an Australian spirit. 

What are some of your favourite bars and restaurants in your city/state?

Restaurants; Locally we love Ember Pizza, Vintners and Fino.
Adelaide CBD: Sean’s Kitchen, Madame Hanoi’s.

If you’re looking for a cracking cocktail in Adelaide, aside from our own bar, The Distillery - Barossa’s go to venue for a great drink, you have to head to Peel street with a range of options of unique bars creating some fabulous flavours.



Ambra Spirits

Tell us about your brand/product?

Ambra has been established since 1997 (the year the Adelaide Crows won their first premiership). The original owner Libro de Luca travelled to the beautiful Amalfi coastline in Italy and discovered these beautiful liqueurs. We have slightly adapted them to appeal to the Australian market and to be used in cocktails or on their own but still kept true to the original Italian recipes. The range consists of our beautiful tasting liqueurs including our No 1 brand in Limoncello, plus our cream liqueurs which include Cappucino (Alcoholic iced coffee), Limoncello cream (alcoholic cheese cake) and Choc Orange (Jaffa).

We are excited now to also be launching a range of 3 Gins including Blood Orange at 30% ABV, Citrus at 40% ABV and - as a legacy to our great Grandfathers that came here from Italy - our Navel Gin at 61 ABV. We are a small team but very passionate and take lots of pride in our brand. We often get asked why we work such long hours and our reply is: We don’t know we are working as we love what we do and bringing Ambra to the people of Australia.


How is your product made, how do you source the materials?

We only use the Peel of the fruit to make our liqueurs which is infused in a local grape spirit from the highest quality at 96 % ABV. All our products are made right here in SA and we use only the finest fruit sourced from local SA regional areas. Our products are hand batched and crafted and the peels of the fruit are placed one at a time in a peeling machine. This is very labour intensive, but that’s how we like it as we believe we put our love and Italian heritage into each bottle.

What makes you guys different from the rest?

Our difference is our unique bottles which are very popular and look amazing on shelf or in a bar. We take pride in our hand batched products and we promote easy to make cocktails at home or in a bar that not only look impressive but taste AMAZING.

Having a cool Spritz & Gin bar in the outskirts of the city allows us to experiment with our cocktail list. We also run a series of cocktail classes and events which sell out super quick as well as a cool little Piaggio we bought over from Italy which we call ‘Sophia’ and which is converted into a fully operational pop-up bar. We are open every day at our cellar door for tasting cocktails and Gin paddles etc. Make sure to call in if you’re local or even interstate as we would love to see you!

What does it mean to be Australian to you?

We take great pride not only in being an Australian company but also to support Australian made products and brands. We are actively supporting local venues and businesses especially in these times. It’s so great to see more and more people supporting local and appreciating the amazing quality of products made here in this country.

What are some of your favourite bars and restaurants in your city/state?

We love em all - especially the ones that use Ambra and CAPI of course - but few of our favourites include:

Little Eatly
Hello Neighbour
Electra House
Cosmos Club
Café Crema reserve