Better Together: Jeremy Goodale

This month we spoke with Jeremy Goodale, GM of Australian Liquor Marketers (ALM). Jeremy has a passion for supporting local independent retailers and provides them with an ecommerce platform for online trade which utilises a safe payment gateway.


As of June 2019, ALM entered into a collaborative partnership with the Worksmith community. With this partnership, Worksmith provide a co-working space for individuals, teams, brands and businesses who are all contribute to the Hospitality Industry in their own unique way. 

Would you mind giving a short introduction of yourself for the folks across Australia?

Hi my name is Jeremy Goodale and I am the GM of ALM Southern States which is a role that I have had for a little over 2 years and absolutely love. Outside of work I'm married with 3 kids aged 15, 13 and 10.

What does it mean to be Australian to you?

It means not taking anything too serious, being humble and being passionate for the things you care about. Living in Melbourne we celebrate the different seasons and the crazy weather shifts. We are a country full of go getters in sport, at home and in the workplace. Australians love to socialise both at home but also in our amazing pubs, cafes and restaurants.

Tell us a bit about Shop My Local and ALM’s commitment to growing the local category.

Shop My Local is a marketplace that IBA independent retailers can join providing them an ecommerce platform with a safe payment gateway enabling them to trade online. It was brought about just as the Covid hit and was quickly stood up by ALM in a matter of weeks to protect our independent retailers if they were forced to close. Although liquor retailers were spared the prospect of closing their stores similar to what occurred in NZ, Australian consumers have been buying and spending online like never before so SML has become a very handy asset for the 250 retailers who are operating and trading on the platform.

In regards to growing the local categories, ALM and the category teams are constantly working with suppliers of local products firstly by providing the logistics support with space in our national warehouses but also providing access to the thousands of independent retailers across the country with the ALM and IBA marketing assets and communication as well as providing in store support.

In the on premise, ALM owns and runs AGORA which has been a revolution in connecting suppliers to on premise customers with promotions, brand assets, communication, tasting notes and exclusive deals. There are now hundreds of on premise customers using AGORA right across the country as their “virtual rep” to gain knowledge on what’s new and what’s available in their own time.

In January the new version goes live with even more features which is super exciting.

What is your goal in what you do or what is the message you hope to get out?

To exceed all expectations of our independent retailers, on premise customers, suppliers & contract customers with outstanding sales, service and results, through innovative strategies, unmatched relationships, cutting-edge digital technology and the industry's best trained and most talented team.

My, and my teams job is to simply make buying, receiving and promoting liquor easy and fun. 


Who are some local heroes or brands that inspire you?

There are so many.

I am constantly in awe of how some of the global brands activate and bring their brands to life. Venue take overs and experiential events are what make our brilliant industry vibrant.

When I first met Simon and his daughter Brogan for the first time I was immediately taken by the story of Brogans Way Gin and then to taste their products, just amazing. Recently I have met with the owners of Heathcote Gin and am in love with their Chameleon gin (suggested mix with Capi Cola!) and the story of Four Pillars is the bench mark in brand building.

Starward distillery is a prize jewel right here in Melbourne and is creating some of the best whiskeys on the market, the new Starward Fortis is an incredible liquid matured in American Oak red wine barrels.

The newest brand that I think will be huge is a seltzer doing things differently called Hard Fizz, again it has an awesome story and this one tastes unreal.

What are some of the big trends and exciting developments you are seeing in the beverage industry?

It is hard to ignore seltzer and the flavoured mineral water movement. But the pandemic has enhanced Australians desire for step up premium products that is a reward and a treat. We will continue to be wonderful entertainers at home and our natural competitiveness will mean will always want to show up better than the last persons BBQ we went to,  so expect to see bigger and brighter charcuterie boards, simple cocktails and local Australian wines on the menu.


What’s your go to CAPI Cocktail?

As I mentioned I cant get enough of Heathcote Gin Chameleon either with Capi tonic or cola and the new Four Pillars Olive makes an unbelievable Martini!


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