Better Together: Volando Tequila

‘Smooth on first sip, and better each time.’ It’s a mantra Jesse and Shane, the Aussie sports stars behind Volando Tequila, refined at the source: Jalisco, Mexico. And now they’re sharing the wondrous diversity of premium tequilas with their Aussie amigos. Just hold the lemon.

This week, as part of our Better Together series, focusing on our Australian partners and friends in the F&B industry, meet Volando Tequila!

Would you mind giving a short introduction of yourself for the folks across Australia?
Let us tell you the story… Jesse Ross (2012 Olympian) and Shane Tucker (NHRA Pro Stock Drag Racer) Volando Tequila Co-Founders, also co-founded a commercial construction business in Dallas, Texas in 2014.

The majority of the US based team is made up of people of Hispanic/Mexican background - one particular team member was a little mistake prone so when we joked that we would have to start taxing his pay for each mistake, he compromised and started having his wife bring hand made tacos each day for the whole office. After a few weeks, Juan Carlos started bringing unmarked bottles of Tequila
(straight across the border from his family) for us to try. At first (and coming from Australia where Tequila has never really been well received outside of shooting a cheap Tequila) we were very hesitant and reluctant, but after being given some education on different Tequilas, including aged profiles we quickly found a true love.

Fuelled by excitement and curiosity on how great the products we were trying were, we jumped on a flight some two years ago now to see it made in the flesh for ourselves and to learn more about the culture of the Mexican people and what Tequila means to them.

And then that’s where the origins of Volando was born.

What does it mean to be Australian to you?
We have both represented our country on domestic and international level in our own sporting professions, so coming from "down under’’ brings us a lot of patriotic pride and joy. To be the only 100% Australian owned Tequila company gives us great pride but also great responsibility to ensure we do represent our great country well.

Tell us about your Tequila? How is it made, how do you source the materials? What makes you guys different from the rest?
Volando Tequila is new age Tequila. The days of lip, sip, suck and shooting cheaper Tequilas are behind us, even in this country.

We have such a sophisticated cocktail drinking culture and are extremely health conscious, so when it'
s time to let the hair down, why not with a quality, premium Tequila, that has no additives and no depressant values - unlike any other spirit.

We partnered with a smaller, boutique distiller in Jalisco, Mexico. This allowed us to spend a lot of time developing profiles best suited to the Australian market; smooth on first sip, and better each time. We knew we needed something special to be well received here in Australia. We know if we can do it right here then we can do it anywhere else in the world. The only things you are allowed by law to do to alter the profile of Tequila is charcoal filtration, add oxygen and water - we do all three. With our unique combination perfected, we believe we have one of the very best Blanco products on the market, and our aged profiles only get better and are all deliberately made for the moment.


What is the goal in what you do or the message you hope to get out?
Our goal is simple; to be a leading Tequila brand known across our country in three years, and to further gain market share across other emerging markets globally, through Oceania, Asia, UAE, Europe and beyond.

95% of all Tequila volume sold in the world is sold in the North American and Mexican domestic market, so instead of being a very small fish in a very big pond we are focusing on the markets that have so much untapped potential. We have crafted a portfolio of Super Premium Tequilas that all have a place for any given moment. We want our Tequila to be the drink of choice no matter the occasion or moment and still enjoyed long after those moments become memories.
Who are some local heroes or brands that inspire you?
We are huge supporters of local brands and start up stories. Craft beers in this domestic market are some of the best we have tried across the globe, to see some of the success stories in Balter and Stone & Wood are so inspiring. We enjoy doing work with some of the local breweries in Heads of Noosa, Boiling Pot and Your Mates Brewing also.

What are some of your favourite bars and restaurants in QLD?
Such a difficult question to answer as there is such diversity and uniqueness to so many amazing venues and venue owners across SEQ. 

Here are our top 10...

Sum Young Guys – Sunrise Beach
Village Bike – Noosa
Juan Fifty – Mooloolaba
Maya Mexican – Brisbane
Mr.Percivals – Brisbane
Burleigh Pavillion - GC
Edgewater - GC
Boardwalk Tav - GC
Loose Moose - GC
Nineteen Star Casino - GC

If you had to pick the signature late-night-had-a-few-cocktails meal what would it be?
Chicken Parmi haha – Jesse
Pizza - Shane
What’s your go to Volando and CAPI Cocktail?
45ml Volando Blanco + 125ml CAPI Blood orange - Jesse
45ml Volando Blanco + 125ml CAPI Grapefruit Soda / Fresh lime - Shane

Want to know more about Volando Tequila? Head to their website here, or Instagram here