Flamin’ Ginger Beer

Flamin’ Ginger Beer

Put your big boy pants on, this is one ‘hot root’

This is ginger beer, but not as you know it. Flamin’ Ginger Beer takes our regular Ginger Beer up a few notches. It’s like ordering the curry with three chillies next to it. We use the best quality Australian ginger, capsicum, and chilli. It’s as spicy as it is refreshing.


Carbonated Water, Sucrose, Ginger (2%), Citric Acid, Natural Flavours, Caramelised Sugar, Ascorbic Acid

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How is this different to CAPI Spicy Ginger Beer?

CAPI Flamin’ Ginger Beer is double the spice and heat of our Spicy Ginger Beer. Crafted with the idea of mixing in mind, it makes for a perfect Moscow Mule.


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