Red Absinthe and Apple Pie

CAPI x Bad Frankie

Bad Frankie is a sweet little venue dedicated to showing off Australian spirits and produce. We hung out with Cennon Hanson, bartender and all around mad dog, talking lamington jaffals, Russian ladies, Australian spirits, and Mums who do acid.


Can you spell your name for us?

Hippy parents?
Mum did too much acid, just a really boring name. Mum knew someone called Cennon then decided to flick that misery onto me

What’s the concept behind Bad Frankies? What makes it different to another bar?
We stock only Australian spirits, minus the Tromba but that’s the closest to an Aus tequila you can get. We’re really showcasing Australia, showing what’s been done. It can be pretty challenging. 

Is anybody else doing this?
I don’t think anyone is doing it to this degree. When we started there was only 80 now there’s over 350 all-Australian products being stocked.


Most random thing on the backbar?
There’s some weird shit.. Umm I think Apple Pie Moonshine.

And I also have red absinthe but we are not going there

Can we make Apple Pie Moonshine and Ginger Beer please?
Yeah we fucken can!


Bad Frankies, good or bad Tinder date zone?
Tinder Dates zone!! We get Tinder dates all the time. We’ve even got what we call Tinder corners. One in the back near the box, guys will be sitting there trying to lean in but they can’t get around the box so you know it’s serious when the guy gets up and moves seats to get closer. 

Best time to come and chill?
Mmm that’s very sweet and also pretty tasty just need some bitters… we’re going for a couple of dashes of Mr Bitters Fig and Cinnamon. Oh sorry, totally ignored the question, got caught up with the drink. Want to try? 

That is incredibly sweet and and incredibly delicious. Do you have or want to divulge your most embarrassing story?
I made a whisky sour and forgot the whisky, that wasn’t great.

Regulars? Anyone left of centre?
The guy who always brings his Russian lady who sits and watches her hit on other people then they get in an argument and leave, it happens every time.


Most ordered drink?
G&T, and the pepperberry fizz, my mum got shitfaced off them.

Most ordered food item?
Jaffles, son.


Only food?
Yep, 11 different jaffles. The Lamington Jaffle is heading into Melbourne folklore. We’ve also been experimenting with throwing Maltesers in them. 

What’s next for you?
I want to start a botanical distribution business. Grow plants, I want to grow Aussie botanicals and supply distillers. I’m like an alcoholic hippy.

What’s your knockoff drink?
Well I’m having a knockon right now, it’s just a continuous cycle. Beenleigh and Soda that’s my knockoff though.


Bad Frankie
Where they at? 141 Greeves St, Fitzroy
Give them a buzz on: 9078 3866
Insta: @badfrankiebar

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