Count your lucky pennies


A sassy southside cafe that’s as eclectic as the street it’s on. Whether you’re craving fried chicken and waffles, a holier-than-thou superfood bowl or even a wild hens party, owner Tim tells us about rising to the occasion.

Say no skinny jeans were involved what would you order?
Chicken Waffles – A Belgian waffle, popcorn and chicken in barbeque sauce, corn and maple butter goes with tabasco, pretty badass… it’s HECTIC.

Tell us about a favourite/interesting regular?
A couple of boys who live across the road are quite well-known cricket players come in on a Sunday, feeling dusty, take home an extra for the gals hiding in the bedroom. We leave cheeky notes on the coffee cup for the bedfellows.

What’s one thing everyone should know about this place?
Our functions space upstairs is killer,  it’s run by Chapel St functions. That’s one thing people don’t know about.


When is the best time to come for a quiet meal?
I would say mid-morning during the week, 11am. Too early is slammed and lunchtime is pumped.

Favourite local pub?
We go to Temperance on a Friday for cheap beers but I would have to say Leonard’s House of Love is the best. They make killer fried chicken.

Most ordered dish?
The superfood bowl and the smashed avo but that’s pretty much the same all around Australia.

What makes your smashed avo different from the rest
Sour cream and chilli oil – that’s the combo

What’s on the playlist or what song needs to be deleted?
Sam who has worked here for a few years cranks Madonna and Beyonce early before we all get in and it kills me, we switch it up for the atmosphere of the crowd.


Are you delivering with DeliverRoo, UberEats, Foodora?
We’re about to open for night trade with a Southeast Asian influence. Our head chef is ex Red Spice Road and loves the stuff.

Where would you sit on a tinder date?
Table 1 – We can put them in the backroom by themselves, or typically at the front so everyone can see the chemistry.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever witnessed while working here?
A fight on a hens nights between bridesmaids in the function room.  I don’t want to repeat what they were saying to each other!  Then they came for breakfast the next day all gravy. That was pretty classic.


Lucky Penny
Where they at? 481 Chapel St, South Yarra VIC 3141
Give them a buzz on: 9827 5789
Insta: @luckypennychapel

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